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Courier Insurance

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In official terms, a courier is someone who “delivers goods for hire and reward”. Whether you are a one man band, the owner of a small company, or a self-employed franchisee for one of the major courier firms, the right insurance policy is essential.

When it comes to acquiring that policy – it’s our job to make sure you get the best deal.

Insurance for Couriers from DNA

  • All Courier Types Protected
    From the self-employed to the fleet operators, we’ll look after you all.
  • Public Liability Included
    We know how hard couriers work and we understand you’re hardly ever off the road. Accidents can happen – we’ll protect you against public lawsuits.
  • Instant DNA Protection
    You could have a package to deliver this afternoon – so we’ll apply your insurance immediately
  • Flexible Payments
    How do you like to work? Paying things off in one go or spacing payments out throughout the year? We’re happy to work out a plan for your budget
  • 24 Hour Support
    If you’re the type of courier who travels during twilight hours, don’t worry – we’re awake and working too. You can always call.
  • Legal Fees Taken Care Of

Courier Insurance Explained

Courier insurance covers bike, car, and van-based services (for vehicles up to 3.5 tons gross weight). Those operating above that limit will need haulage insurance. Since a vehicle is being used for commercial purposes, private car insurance is insufficient. It will be invalidated if the owner is found to be using the car for business.

As with private car insurance, it is possible to opt for fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party policies. Given the nature of the business, a fully comprehensive policy is recommended.

A specialist insurer will advise on the best policy, but considerations to bear in mind would include whether other drivers will be using the vehicle (policies with multiple drivers are available) and whether deliveries will be made outside of the UK.

“Goods in transit” insurance is essential: it covers the courier for any loss or damage to items, or delay in delivery. Since the courier’s vehicle is, effectively, their income source, a policy which provides a courtesy vehicle in the event of an accident is well worth considering.

Should a courier be employing others, employer’s liability insurance will also be required. This will cover against employee claims for injury or illness. If premises, such as a garage, warehouse or depot are used, buildings and contents insurance and public liability insurance (to cover against injury to members of the public) are essential.

Courier insurance is all about covering possible risks to the owner, the business and its customers. For it’s simple to sort out, and once done you can just get on…and deliver.