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Motor Trade Insurance

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Anyone working in the motor trade industry, full or part time can be protected with Motor Trader Insurance. Repair garages, MOT centres, sole traders, car salesman – even those working from home will be covered with DNA motor traders insurance.

Motor Trader Insurance Quotes from DNA Insurance:

  • Complete Claims Management Service We will provide expert support to take care of your complete claims process
  • Varying Levels of Indemnity Cover Depending on what type of business you do and your own individual circumstances, we can help advise you on the right level of cover
  • Immediate CoverWe understand protecting your business is important so we make sure we do it straightaway
  • Flexible Payment Options DNA help you pay for cover in the best way for you – letting you plan your expenses in advance so you are comfortable with making payments
  • 24 Hour Claims Helpline An accident can happen anytime and at DNA we know how important it is that you stay on the road, which is why we have a HGV hire insurance claims team available 24 hours a week, 7 days a week
  • Legal Expenses If something does happen, have peace of mind that your legal expenses are covered by DNA motor trade insurance

Optional Extras

  • Employers Liability Cover:
    Protect your staff in the event of an accident during work hours
  • Combined Policy:
    Cover your premises and vehicles together
  • Protected No Claims Bonus:
    Choose to have protection if you have maximum No Claims Bonus.
  • Public Liability Extension
    Up to £10 million cover.
  • Excess Buyback
    Pay a little extra to recover your excess.

Is motor trade insurance required by law?

Yes. The law states that you must have insurance for any vehicle you operate unless you’ve made a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

Now, there is no way to insure yourself on each and every one of your customer’s vehicles (and that would cost a fortune).

Motor trade insurance allows you to legally drive and work on the vehicles of your customers. The policy also legally protects any vehicles that belong to your business i.e. stock.

What do I need to qualify for motor trade insurance?

  • You must be aged between 21 and 74
  • Hold a Full UK Driver’s Licence
  • And prove that you are a motor trader*

If you are unsure about your eligibility to qualify, call us now on 0844 573 2400.

*Whereas customer transactions can be used as evidence that you are a trader, these may not always be available. Everybody’s case is different – contact an DNA to help when proving your trader’s activity.

How much is motor trade insurance?

It depends on your policy.

To minimise the cost, you need to carefully select the protection features you need – and remove those you do not.

For example, a mechanic may require protection for their premises and tools. However, a mobile car valeter may not need this feature at all. Lifting it out of the policy, can bring the quote down.

To customise your motor trade insurance policy like this, call us on 0844 573 2400. You can also get an online quote right now.

What vehicles are covered under motor trade insurance?

As standard, a typical policy will cover:

  • All vehicles belonging to the business
  • All customer vehicles
  • Sometimes, personal vehicles that are named on the policy documents

As for vehicle types, a typical policy will cover:

  • Most domestic car types
  • Most road-worthy motorcycles
  • Most vans up to 3.5 tonnes

If you require protection for more specialist vehicles-types, such as superbikes, vintage cars or HGVs – then call us now on 0844 573 2400.

You tell us what vehicles you would like to cover and it’s our job to find an insurer that will protect you.

How many drivers can I name on the policy?

This is subject to the Insurers policy terms.

However, for every driver added, your quote may be affected.

To get all the drivers you want on your insurance, and keep the quote to a minimum – get in touch with us on 0844 573 2400. We’ll make sure everybody is covered. And we’ll make sure your insurer gives you a fair price.

What type of motor trade insurance is best for me?

When it comes to motor trade insurance ‘types’ – you’ve got five choices:

Third Party

The ‘bare-bones’ option. Third party motor trade insurance will give you legal permission to run your business. And it will cover the cost of any damage your business causes to others. Your own vehicles, premises and legal costs may not be covered.

Third Party Fire & Theft

All of the above is included – only with this option, your business vehicles are covered in the case of fire damage and/or theft.


Any damage that your business vehicles suffer will be covered under a comprehensive policy. So, you get all the benefits of the above two options and your own vehicles are protected too – even if you, your employees or your business is in some way responsible for causing the damage.


This is the biggest and best policy for any motor trader – as the entire business is protected.

Premises, tools, stock, on-site cash, assets and more, can all be covered with a combined policy.

Contact DNA to build your own combined motor traders insurance from scratch today. You’d be surprised at how little extra it costs to shield your business with the best level of protection out there.

Part time

If you only venture into the motor trade industry on a part time basis, then there are policies that suit you..

We can secure a part time trade insurance quote on your behalf. We only deal with the fairest part-time insurers in the UK.

How to apply for motor trade insurance …

To get your motor trade insurance sorted today, just call 0844 573 2400 or click here to get an online quote.

DNA Insurance Service Ltd is an independent intermediary who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Registration Number 304985.

Basically – we’re fully authorised to customise a policy for you and negotiate for a fair quote on your behalf.