About Us

There are loads of Insurance brokers and companies out there so why choose DNA?

Well… we are all about our customers, we recognise without YOU… WE don’t exist, so we put our customers first providing a top service to you means everything to us.

If you are fed up of being passed about by the big Insurance firms with call centres who knows where in the world, if you don’t want to just be a number but get a proper personal service where your needs come first, if you want a company that works hard to get you the best deal possible and SAVE YOU MONEY, then that’s why you should choose DNA Insurance.

We have years of experience, and the specialist knowledge needed to provide you with the BEST cover at the best price.

Our business is built on good relationships with our Insurer partners and customers alike, because of these good relationships we are able to pick up the phone and get you the CHEAP Insurance rates you want and need saving you time and MONEY.

Our staff are friendly and helpful, all based in a UK call centre, we offer immediate cover, flexible payment options, free legal expenses, guaranteed courtesy vehicle for non fault claims, we also have a 24 hour claims helpline to assist you at the time you need it most.

What are the benefits of motor insurance?

What are the benefits of motor insurance? Motor trade insurance sounds like a great deal. Who wouldn’t want a great...
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How Does Motor Trade Insurance Work?

  How Does Motor Trade Insurance Work? Mоtоr trаdе inѕurаnсе is a ѕресiаl inѕurаnсе рlаn орtimizеd for реорlе in mоtоr...
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Why should you get a motor trade insurance online

  Getting an insurance quote online This is a virtual world, we all approve of it for various reasons and...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Minibus Insurance

Some vehicles require specialist insurance due to the nature of their use or the number of passengers they can carry....
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Car Insurance Jargon Buster (Part 2)

Car insurance terminology can be confusing and there can be a lot of detail to take in when it comes...
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Car Insurance Jargon Buster (Part 1)

To the non-initiated, understanding all the ins and outs of car insurance can seem like learning a whole other language....
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Car Insurance Myths Debunked

There are a lot of pervasive myths when it comes to car insurance and car insurance companies. A lot of...
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DNA Christmas / New Year Opening Times

Please Note: Friday the 18th December is our DNA christmas party so the office will be shutting at 6pm and...
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82% Increase in Pothole Related Breakdowns

Cast your mind back to the winter of 2013 and, as well as the freezing conditions, you may also remember...
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The Top Three Causes of a Motor Vehicle Breakdown (and how to Spot them)

Whether it’s happened to you or not, breaking down and getting stranded with your vehicle by the side of the...
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