Business interruption insurance

If your business is forced to stop running for a length of time, especially from circumstances outside your control like a fire at your offices or an illness causing you time out, will you be able to stay running without money coming in?

Cover to keep your business going

Business interruption insurance is designed to keep your business afloat even when it can’t operate, helping cover everything you need to keep your business running – whether that’s finding you a temporary office or supporting your wage bill. The aim of the cover is simple: to get your business back to the position it was in before you had to press pause.

At DNA, we’ll track down the best business interruption cover for you so you’ve got the confidence that an accident won’t lose you your company. With our usual straightforward customer service and honest approach, we’ll discuss your needs with you then search for the right cover at the best possible price.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Business interruption
Employers liability
Public liability
Product liability
Professional indemnity
Cyber liability
Management liability
D&O liability

Dozza’s been with us so long, we’ve almost forgotten his real name

It’s Darren, by the way. Darren Summerfield. So if he picks up your call, you can be sure you’re in for the best service. Our Dozza has been in the insurance game for years and years – and he’s got the straight-talking approach and genuinely helpful attitude that makes all the difference when you want cover you can trust. So do yourself a favour – next time you need insurance, ask for Dozza (or Darren).

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