Cyber liability insurance

We live in a digital age – and that means rising levels of cybercrime. If your business has any kind of digital presence (and who doesn’t?) you’re at risk of getting hacked. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business, you can still be targeted by cyber criminals through something as simple as your website.

Protection from online attacks

Getting hacked can wipe out your business systems, leak personal data and even hold you to ransom. With scams getting more sophisticated, it’s easier than ever to get tricked into opening a dodgy file, so you’re also dependent on your staff recognising cyber threats. And with many employees working from home, you’re also relying on their personal internet connections, which are often just not as secure.

So ask us about how we can protect your business with our cyber insurance. We’ve got a range of options to keep you protected, depending on your needs. Plus, we make sure it’s affordable too.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Cyber liability
Business interruption
Cost of adhering to GDPR regulations
Legal expenses
Cost of restoring data
Fraudulent transfers
Cyber extortion

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