Minibus insurance

A minibus is a versatile vehicle so it’s not surprising they get used for all sorts of reasons, such as for schools and nurseries, clubs, charities, community groups and more. Our comprehensive minibus insurance takes into account all these types of uses and provides the specialist cover to keep you and your passengers safe.

Cover to match your minibus use

We’re always flexible – just tell us how you use your minibus and we’ll build you a policy that fits, whatever your needs. Our exclusive underwriting partner means we can confirm quotes instantly in-house so we can get you sorted as quickly as possible.

Plus, we can help customers who are trickier to cover – like young and new drivers, or even drivers with a less than perfect driving history. So give us your details on a call or online, and we’ll get back to you with the best minibus insurance we can find.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Comprehensive cover
Any driver cover
Windscreen cover
Hire and reward (if needed)
Legal expenses
GAP insurance
Excess protection
Liability cover

James, a right chip off the old block

Sometimes, we like to joke that our boss Danny went to the Darth Vader school of management. So is his son James a chip off the old block? Well, there’s no hint of a dark side. What he’s got is a cheeky grin, a great sense of humour and personal drive that means he’ll never let you down when you need cover. So, in that way, you can definitely tell they’re related. And that’s good news for everyone.

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