Professional indemnity insurance

If your business provides a service or advice, you can be held accountable if you’ve been negligent. That basically means if the service you give is wrong or inadequate in any way, such as faulty construction designs or bad financial advice, then you can be sued.

Covered for the costs of a claim

With professional indemnity insurance, you’re covered for the legal costs and the compensation claims you may have to pay out. Depending on the case, this could be for substantial sums of money, so professional indemnity cover is important to consider if you work in businesses such as construction and design, IT, accountancy, architecture or consultancy where you or your employees could misadvise a client.

We understand how professional indemnity can protect you and your business – but we also know it can be hard to find good cover at an affordable price in today’s market. We’ll be honest about that. So with our straight-talking service, we’ll work with you to find cover that’s right at the best price we can.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Professional indemnity, including any one claim or within the aggregate
Cover up to £25m
Employers liability
Business interruption
Cyber liability
Management liability
D&O liability

Charlee – been here for years, takes seconds to renew your policy

13 years and counting – that’s how long Charlee’s been with us. She knows her way around our insurance like the back of her hand (she also knows way too much about all of us, but the less said about that the better). All you need to know is, with Charlee on the phone, she’ll have your new policy perfected in no time.

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