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Car insurance is absolutely required and is issued by insurer in the event of an accident, theft or any unforeseen or unwanted occurrences. It provides financial compensation to cover any damage to property or injuries to other drivers or passengers. DNA Insurance is a leading insurance broker in UK and will find you cheaper quotes for your car insurance.

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and if you don’t have it, you could be punished with a driving ban or hefty fine. Not to mention you won’t have adequate protection for yourself, others and your vehicles if an accident occurs. Our policies can cater for different types of cover and we may be able to help even if you have driving convictions or a modified vehicle, whatever your requirements a tailored policy with DNA can drive down the cost of your Insurance.


1What types of car insurance policies are available?
Car insurance is protection for you, your vehicle and third parties in case anything happens. There are three main types of policies available: Third Party Only cover The most basic type of car insurance policy is third party cover and the least amount of cover required by law. Third party only policies will cover the cost of damage to other people’s vehicle and compensation for any injuries they sustain. However, it will not cover the cost of damage to your own car. Some drivers opt for this type of policy in a bid to keep costs down but in reality it’s best suited to people who drive an older (low-value) car unless it is your pride possession. Third party, fire and theft Third party, fire and theft policies offer an extra level of cover for motorists. In addition to what is offered by third party only policies, your car will be protected in case it is stolen or burnt out/damaged by fire. It does not protect against every risk your vehicle may be exposed to, but it does provide an additional level of cover in case of fire or theft. So if fire or theft occurs, you won’t be hit with a huge financial burden and left without a vehicle. Fully comprehensive car insurance Choose a fully comprehensive car insurance policy for the greatest level of protection. On top of everything that third party only and third party, fire and theft policies offer, comprehensive cover also protects your own vehicle in the case of an accident. Not all comprehensive policies are the same so it’s important to research what each one offers. Some will include overseas cover or allow you to drive other vehicles, while others will only offer such features as optional extras. If you’d like us to help you choose the best policy for you, call us for free on 03445 576 747.
2How can I lower my insurance premiums?
Installing security devices such as an alarm or an immobiliser will make your car harder to steal or break into, and will show insurers that your car is a lower risk. Keeping your car in the garage or parked on the drive instead of on the street will also help lower your premiums. Make sure your policy enables you to build up a No Claims Bonus and if you’re buying a new car, choose one in a low insurance group. A great way to lower your insurance costs is to research what insurance group your car is in before you buy it. That way you can find out how much you can expect to pay in the long run. Setting a low mileage limit to your policy. DNA will customise your very own policy and negotiate the price on your behalf. Start with an online car insurance quote from DNA.
3What is a No Claims Bonus?
A No Claims Bonus is a reward for not making a claim on your policy. The longer you haven’t made a claim, the bigger the discount you will receive on your premiums. The discount increases year-on-year and can usually be carried over to a new policy if you change insurers. You can also pay a slightly higher premium in order to protect your No Claims Bonus. This means you can make a claim without losing your discount but it’s important to remember that a protected No Claims Bonus may not be honored by a new insurer.
4Car Insurance for Young Drivers
It’s a well-known fact that young drivers are faced with some of the highest insurance premiums around. This is because insurance companies consider them to be a higher risk than older, more experienced drivers. The higher the risk, the higher the premium but this does not mean it’s impossible for young drivers to get a good deal on their car insurance. At DNA Insurance we understand the importance of shopping around to find a good deal and our expert insurance advisors will help find the perfect policy for you that you can afford.
5Can I get car insurance as a convicted driver?
Yes. A convicted driver is anyone who has been convicted of a motoring offence such as drink-driving or even a minor non-motoring offence. However, at DNA Insurance we’ll work hard to find insurance for convicted drivers and help lower their premiums. We’ll explore different ways to lower their premiums.
6How to apply for car insurance...
We know that there’s a lot to consider when looking for a new car insurance policy. That’s why it’s useful to contact DNA who can help you compare policies from many different insurers and find the right one for you. At DNA Insurance, our advisors compare all the policies on the market to help find one that fits your personal circumstances. Give us a ring on 03445 576 747 to find out more. If it’s easier for you, get your car insurance quote online by clicking here.

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