Low Cost family fleet Insurance with DNA!

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Its not unusual for a household to have more that three vehicles, you and your partner may have a car each, there is the kid’s run-around and then you might have your classic car or motorbike that you use at the weekend.

Insuring each vehicle separately can be expensive and time consuming, who wants to spend hours on the phone dealing with Insurance companies?

Our Family Fleet policy is perfect for you. With one premium and one renewal date you can relax and know that all your vehicles are covered. The more vehicles you add the greater the savings!

There are some fantastic benefits for keeping it in the family. If there are more vehicles than drivers in your household then give us a call now!

What you Family Fleet Policy can include

  • All vehicles covered. More vehicles + fewer drivers = lower premiums
  • DOC or DOV cover available. Comprehensive or TP only
  • Unlimited Windscreen
  • UK registered vehicles kept abroad permanently
  • Family members included with their own business use
  • Vehicles can be added during the first year as they become due
  • Foreign use up to 45 days free of charge
  • Each member will earn their own NCB
  • Replacement vehicles following fault accident