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  1. What would happen if you don’t have courier insurance after a crash?

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    Whatever type of business you run, it’s absolutely essential to protect it with a valid insurance policy. You wouldn’t leave your home or your car uninsured so why would you leave your business vulnerable and unprotected?

    Not only is operating a motor trade business without basic insurance illegal, it can also have severe financial consequences for your company if anything happens.

    Why you need courier insurance

    Courier vans can potentially carry thousands of pounds worth of goods that are only temporarily in their custody. This means they belong to someone else and ultimately if anything happens to them during transportation, the courier is responsible for replacing them.

    And if you’re transporting expensive items like televisions, iPods or computers, replacing the damaged items and your vehicle could be financially detrimental to your company. That’s why you need a good courier insurance policy, which will cover the cost of the damage if anything happens – leaving your company financially secure.

    As couriers are out on the roads very often and are exposed to all kinds of risks, it’s best to take out a comprehensive courier insurance policy. This will protect you in case of any eventuality and safeguard your whole business.

    Couriers are considered high risk because they make multiple stops and thieves are likely to realise that they could be carrying valuable goods. And while this may increase the price of your premiums, it should give you all the more reason to take out a comprehensive insurance policy. Generally the more you pay for the policy, the more protected you are so don’t let price put you off – it will pay off in the long run.

    Features of courier insurance

    There are different levels of cover that you can take out but there are certain features that any business transporting goods needs to have. These include:

    • Third party road risks protection
    • Goods in transit cover
    • Employer’s liability insurance

    Without goods in transit cover, the goods you are delivering won’t be protected – only your vehicles and third parties. This makes it an essential part of courier insurance but do watch out for weight restrictions if you’re carrying expensive items as you may only be allowed a certain amount of cover per kilo.

    You should also carefully read the terms and conditions of your policy as the insurer may specify that certain conditions must be fulfilled in order for the policy to be valid. For example, when you are making a delivery, the policy may state that there must be two people present – one to stay in the vehicle and one to deliver the goods. In this case if anything happens while the vehicle is unattended your policy may be declared invalid.

    The best way to ensure you have comprehensive protection is to speak to an insurance broker, who will assess the individual needs of your business. That way no aspect of your business will be left unprotected.