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Box off your HGV Insurance before it’s too late

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What happens when you’re running an HGV operation with no insurance? Essentially, you’re living on borrowed time because it’s a matter of when, not if, the law will catch up with you. Then you’re putting your livelihood at risk. It’s just not worth it.

HGV insurance is a legal requirement under UK law for anyone driving a vehicle over 7.5 tonnes. If you’re driving without insurance you don’t have to be involved in an accident for that guilty secret to come to light. Just picture a combined stop and check operation conducted by the police, customs officials and the VOSA.

These combined ops happen all the time, and they are empowered to halt vehicles at random, with no reason for doing so other than a gut feeling. So you can conduct yourself perfectly safely on the road and still be pulled over. It’s all down to luck, and you don’t want to be riding your luck where your income is concerned.

Whether you’re an owner, operator or you run a large haulage fleet, the continual smooth operation of your vehicle (or vehicles) is the key to a successful HGV set-up. After an accident or breakdown, you need to be able to get back on the road as quickly as possible, as every day without moving freight is costing you money. That’s where insurance can help.

Everything covered in a single payload

You never want to find yourself under-insured but also you don’t want to be paying out for insurance you don’t need. That nibbles away at the bottom line.

So, a policy specially tailored to your own specific requirements is always best. It’s a major item in your business budget, so you need to find a good a policy that’s absolutely right for you. You may be surprised to find how reasonable an HGV insurance quote can be, when the policy is customised.

A good bet is to get your HGV insurance quote online through a broker who specialises this field and has an understanding of the business you’re in. You can always develop your cover as your business grows. You might consider fleet insurance for five or more vehicles. You might think about Goods in Transit cover for the protection of your cargo, breakdown assistance, public liability, legal expense cover or windscreen protection.

Every one of these elements influences your final quote. With a brokered deal, you can make sure you’re only ever paying for the features you need. Tighten up your HGV insurance policy today and you could save hundreds on the final premium.

by David Hambridge