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DNA Insurance Reviews New Optima Classic Car Policy

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Director of DNA Insurance Alf Costa has recently reviewed the latest Optima Classic Car Policy underwritten by Groupama – a policy that offers comprehensive protection for classic cars manufactured before 1988.

The Optima classic car policy provides comprehensive cover against fire, theft and accidental damage with an excess that varies from £50-500 depending on the vehicle value. And if repairs need to be made, repairer options and cash settlements are on offer. This allows the vehicle owner to repair the car in the best way for them.

The policy can also be extended to cover personal belongings branded to the car’s manufacturer or model. Classic cars can also be covered for commercial uses, including wedding hire, film sets and photo shoots.

Alf Costa, Director of DNA Insurance commented, “This Groupama classic car full-cycle EDI policy appears to be fairly flexible. It allows the policyholder to change from road use to storage cover during the policy period, which is important as many are only driven in the summer.”

For classic cars that are only in use during the summer months, car owners can change their policy from road use to storage cover within the policy period. This feature is offered in line with the new law obliges all off-road vehicles to be covered by a valid insurance policy unless they are covered by a Statutory Off Road Notification (or SORN).

Mr. Costa also commented on the other benefits of the policy to DNA customers: “As the owner of a classic, it’s reassuring to know that agreed valuations can be added as a zero-cost option. And the use of a simple form completed by the broker or car club and emailed with photographs will certainly be welcomed by busy clients. In addition, their willingness to pay the policyholder directly for repairs to their own car after being involved in a claim and the provision of a dedicated claims line manned by experts who understand classic car users will ease the claim journey for policyholders.”

This policy also allows customers to set their own mileage limits; classic cars are often driven less than everyday-use cars so tailoring mileages limit to individual needs will allow them to get the best deal for them. With the Optima Classic Car Policy, you can select your required mileage up to 5,000 miles at increments of 500 miles.

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by David Hambridge