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How to keep your caravan as safe as your house

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Caravans are our escape from reality, a world away from the stresses of everyday life and providing an opportunity to relax and catch our breath. However, it is exactly this which means as a result thieves are handed an opportunity to catch us with our guard down, and that is why although we don’t feel like it when we’re having a break, there are still risks as there are in everyday life.

For some reason, when we are at home we are more mindful of being security conscious, yet when we go away for the weekend our awareness slips. We are less likely to see potential dangers around us or apply the same logic, because we feel different rules apply. Thieves know this and will use it to take advantage of your lowered inhibitions. So here are a few tips to make sure you have your caravan safety routine is locked down.


Caravan insurance providers will always advise you to keep doors, windows and roof lights securely locked first and foremost. If it is a hot day then of course you will have these open, but just make sure you don’t leave your caravan wide open to passers-by if you leave the room or pop to the shop.  You wouldn’t do this at home, so lock it up on holiday too.


Don’t leave anything on show that will invite thieves to try to break in. Close blinds or curtains, keep any money, jewellery, gadgets or other valuables out of sight.


In terms of keeping your actual caravan secure while you are away, the more you do to make it harder to target your caravan, the more of a deterrent it will be to thieves. The Caravan Club recommends a good hitch-lock which covers the bolts, a robust wheel clamp or a wheel lock fitted through the wheel and to the brake assembly.


Prices will vary along with the features available, but an alarm will act as a deterrent to thieves and also draw attention to your caravan in the event it is targeted. Sold Secure alarms specifically address the issues of caravan alarms such as power consumption during periods of storage, and so are designed especially for caravans.


Satellite technology for tracking caravans is a new way of ensuring you cover every angle for securing your caravan. Enquire of any details of monitoring systems if you are purchasing one, and remember they are still building a reputation for themselves in so as yet insurers do not recognise it as justifying a discount.


If you are buying your caravan insurance online then you can always request a quote and have a broker call you back to discuss details of any of these points with you.

A caravan insurance broker can also advise on any further ways you can secure your caravan and lower the cost of your insurance. If you also let others stay in your caravan then they can also advise on ways to cover this as part of your caravan security, and advise your guests on how best to keep your caravan and their belongings safe.



by David Hambridge