26th August 2014

Win a Turtle Wax Gift Set with DNA Insurance!

At DNA Insurance we have worked with numerous taxi drivers and motor traders over the years, and one thing we have learned is that it is […]
12th June 2014

Drivers using Mobiles to Face Tougher Sentencing

This week the government unveiled their plans to keep the UK’s roads safe with a number of tougher fines and legislations. One of the biggest causes […]
8th May 2014

Disqualified Drivers Facing Tougher Sentences

It is an unfortunate fact that a number of people are on the road illegally; either they are driving a vehicle without an appropriate licence, have […]
15th April 2014

Motor Property Values on the Rise

For many in the motor trade industry it’s extremely difficult to operate without a large premises. Whether you’re a mechanic who needs garage space for three […]
14th April 2014

DNA Insurance supports Football Shirt Friday

Last week the team at DNA Insurance joined in with Football Shirt Friday to raise money to kick bowel cancer for good! This fantastic cause was […]
17th February 2014

What are the after effects of the recent flooding for Motor Traders?

There is no getting away from it: news providers across the country are constantly reporting on the recent flooding and how those that have been affected […]
30th October 2013

What would happen if you don’t have courier insurance after a crash?

Whatever type of business you run, it’s absolutely essential to protect it with a valid insurance policy. You wouldn’t leave your home or your car uninsured […]
29th September 2013

Young Motor Traders: Your Role in ‘Broken Britain’

Your Role in ‘Broken Britain’  and How to Get a Fair Insurance Deal As youth unemployment continues to be a problem in the UK, some young […]
29th August 2013

Don’t Deliver Without The Right Courier Insurance!

November 2013 sees the release of the new Xbox One – the most expensive Microsoft console ever – and couriers around the country are bracing themselves […]