30th October 2013

What would happen if you don’t have courier insurance after a crash?

Whatever type of business you run, it’s absolutely essential to protect it with a valid insurance policy. You wouldn’t leave your home or your car uninsured […]
29th September 2013

Young Motor Traders: Your Role in ‘Broken Britain’

Your Role in ‘Broken Britain’  and How to Get a Fair Insurance Deal As youth unemployment continues to be a problem in the UK, some young […]
29th August 2013

Don’t Deliver Without The Right Courier Insurance!

November 2013 sees the release of the new Xbox One – the most expensive Microsoft console ever – and couriers around the country are bracing themselves […]
28th February 2013

Why Motor Trade Insurance is Important

Protecting your vehicles from theft this autumn If you work in the motor trade, vehicles are at the heart of your business. And if one of […]
27th February 2013

Public Liability Insurance for Taxi Drivers

Public liability insurance – what is it and do I need it? Setting up a taxi business is not just as simple as buying a fleet of […]
27th February 2013

Law Commission to reform private taxi hire industry

After lengthy discussions regarding the regulation of taxis and private hire vehicles, the Law Commission has reported that it would be setting limitations on local taxi […]
24th February 2013

Who can Drive the Vehicles on a Motor Trade Insurance Policy

When taking out a motor trade insurance policy, it is for the sole use of those operating within the motor trade industry. So if your occupation […]
23rd February 2013

What Private Hire Taxi Insurance Prevents

Bans, Fines and Points If you are a taxi driver without private hire insurance, then you could be putting yourself at risk of a driving ban, […]
20th February 2013

Setting up a Taxi Business and the Legal Requirements

When you’re setting up a taxi business, you need to think about buying vehicles and hiring drivers. But there are also certain legal requirements that you’ll […]