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Why minibus insurance is a no-brainer

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If you own a minibus, whether it is for transporting groups around on trips or doing airport transfers, it is approaching a busy time of year for you with people setting their sights on getting out and enjoying nicer weather and time off during the summer months.

So the importance of renewing or taking out a minibus insurance policy is even more relevant to ensure safety on the roads. There are a number of things you might need cover for, including in the event that you broke down, had an accident or if a passenger claimed from you.

You don’t want the added headache of having to sort these things out on top of a crisis, so taking out a policy means that you will be covered so that you have complete peace of mind.  Legal expenses, vehicle hire, immediate cover and public liability extensions are just some of the things you can be covered for – or add as an optional extra on top of your policy.

Nobody wants to be off the road when their livelihood depends on it, so it is a case of better to be safe than sorry. But more importantly, driving with insurance and a proper licence means you are safe on the road along with everyone else. It is a legal requirement and so without it, you are putting yourself at risk of being caught out and taken off the road on a daily basis otherwise.

This is becoming an increasingly relevant issue, as there has been a recent surge of crackdowns on mini buses without licences or insurance lately. Police nationwide have been seizing many vehicles where drivers did not either have the correct licence or were driving without insurance. So basically they have been handed fines of around £2,500 or had their vehicle seized, putting them out of work until they resolved things.

What you can do

It is easier than ever to get cover these days too as you can compare minibus insurance online and find the best deal for your needs. There are many insurers from smaller, specialist companies to larger, high street names so once you have evaluated who better fits your needs after reading up what they offer online then you can make an informed decision.

A minibus insurance online quote is straightforward – by simply entering your details in a quick 2 minute form, you can find out in minutes how much you need to pay for cover. So these days with everyone leading such busy lives, buying cover needs to be convenient and quick – so that you get what you need to be covered sooner rather than later.


by David Hambridge