Non-Motor Claim

What our Claim Service provides

Dealing with your Insurance claim can be very stressful. Don’t be surprised when insurers are less than enthusiastic about the process. They will send out a loss adjuster to investigate the claim and minimise costs. Who is a Loss adjuster and do the insurers have your best interests at heart? They are there to help the insurers - remember is your responsibility to prepare and present your claim. What are you entitled to claim under your policy? What are potential threats to you not being paid out? There will inevitably be a number of questions which is why we work with Oakleafe Claims, an independent Loss Assessors to help. They are nationwide and will come out to see you when you have a loss, helping with the paperwork, dealing with the insurers on your behalf and helping you claim exactly what you are entitled to.

As a valued customer of DNA we don’t leave anything to chance and we know the immediate aftermath of an accident can be upsetting and confusing so this is why we have devolved a full 24/7 claims service for all of our customers.

Whether it be a domestic or commercial claim, liability, 3rd party or business interruption claim, they have a highly skilled team of professionals who will assist to ensure your claim is paid as swiftly as possible so that you and your business can get on with trading. Oakleafe provide our customers with a first-class claims handling solution.

Their service includes:
– Your own dedicated, experienced Loss assessor
– Professional preparation & presentation of your claim
– Handle all meetings with Loss Adjuster on your behalf
– Notification of the claim to your insurer
– Regular updates to manage your expectations
– Full access to their files via their online TrackPro system
– Assist in claiming all other out-of-pocket expenses
– Ensure you claim exactly what you’re entitled to

Oakleafe claims helpline number – 0333 2101 999

If you’ve suffered a loss

Follow these easy steps to ensure we have all the details we need if you have been involved in an accident
- Mitigate and restrict the loss
- Take photos of the affected area
- Write a report of what has occurred
- Obtain witness statements
- If the loss involves criminal activity, notify the police and obtain a crime reference number
- Make a note of all the basic information from the other driver including name, address,
- Do not discuss or admit liability
- Let the professionals handle it
- Notify DNA Insurance on 01708 922 729 or email

Need to report a claim?

To make the claims process as simple as possible please have the following details to hand when calling our claims helpline 01708 922 729
- Your name, address and policy number
- Your main contact numbers
- Type of claim
- Full details of the claim
- Details of any third party involved
- Name and addresses of any Witnesses
- Police officer details and Police report reference number

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