Due to the increased availability of buy to let mortgages it is now possible for more people to become multi property owners, utilising the strength of the rental market to make an impressive yield through their collection of homes. Insurance cover is still of course vitally important whether you have one property or a range of properties, here at DNA we have a panel of specialist insurers to get the best deal for you. With a little help from DNA and a comprehensive landlord insurance policy, you can ensure your letting business runs without a hitch in any situation.Our occupied insurance covers all types of properties. By letting DNA do the searching, you are sure to save yourself a significant amount of time as well as money.

Immediate Cover
You are protected immediately with DNA Insurance, so you can start driving straightaway.
Public Protection
£2 Million public liability cover for injury to your tenants or visitors.
24 Hour Claims Helpline
An accident can happen anytime and at DNA we know it is important that you stay on the road, which is why we have a claims team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Flexible Payment Options
DNA help you pay for cover in the best way for you – letting you plan your expenses in advance so you are comfortable with making payments
Contents Cover
Get your contents safeguarded under the same policy by adding just a bit extra to the quote