Bespoke personal cover for out-of-the-ordinary people

There’s more to life than work so we protect what you care about at home, too. Whether it’s your prized car or your second home, we offer custom personal insurance for out-of-the-ordinary people, delivered with straightforward customer service.

What cover do you need?

Our connections in the insurance industry mean we can find you the right cover depending on your unique needs, whether you’re a sports star or a company director – helping protect you and your belongings from damage, accidents or theft.

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Mel combines no-nonsense customer service with a genuine interest in every one she helps. By the end of a call with her, she’ll feel like family and the next time you ring, she’ll remember every detail. So fix yourself a cuppa and pick up the phone. You’ll have great insurance (and a great chat) in no time.

“Having used DNA for our business insurance, it has been so easy to get the right cover not just for my home but my family’s vehicles too. We have three cars and a motorcycle, which DNA cover under just the one policy. It makes everything so much simpler and the service is always quick and seamless. I never feel the need to look anywhere else for insurance.”

Steve Brookwell

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