Family fleet insurance

If you keep three or more vehicles at your household, insuring each one separately can be a real chore – not to mention pricey. Keeping on top of each provider, all your new renewal dates and different payment schedules is just more hassle than it’s worth when you can take out a family fleet policy with us.

Multiple vehicles in a single policy

We know there are all sorts of reasons why you might have multiple vehicles, from the family run-around, to the motorbike in the garage to your children’s first cars. Our family fleet policy gives you one premium and a single renewal date for all your vehicles, making your insurance simpler and cheaper.

With a range of covers including overseas use for up to 45 days, replacement vehicles following accidents or theft, and specialist vehicles from classic cars to motor homes, we can find you a family fleet policy that suits your needs. Plus, each driver keeps their own no-claims-bonus.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Comprehensive cover
Windscreen cover
Driving other cars
Agreed value
Legal expenses
GAP insurance
Excess protection

Georgia’s the most on-it PA you’ll ever meet

There’s a reason we all love Georgia. She keeps us in check (even Danny) and helps our offices operate flawlessly so our people can focus on one thing only: getting your insurance sorted. She joined straight from school and she’s been with us ever since, spinning plates behind the scenes to make our lives – and yours – that little bit easier. So thanks Georgia, you’re the best.

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