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Cheap Taxi Insurance Quotes from DNA Insurance:

  • Public, Private and Chauffeur Insurance We provide advanced insurance cover for both public and private hire taxis as well as chauffeur cover. We can tailor it to your exact needs.

  • Immediate Cover Taxi Insurance is a legal requirement for liability. So you need it as fast as possible – which is why we provide immediate cover

  • All Postcodes Covered Wherever you live, we’ll find cover for you – whether you need private hire taxi insurance or public hire taxi insurance quotes

  • Discounted Rates for 35 Yrs + More experienced drivers are rewarded with our discounted rates

  • 24 Hour Claims Helpline An accident can happen anytime and at DNA we know it is important that you stay on the road, which is why we have a taxi insurance claims team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Legal Expenses If something does happen, have peace of mind that your legal expenses are covered by DNA Insurance

  • Unlimited mileage policies Find out more information about DNA Taxi Insurance

Optional Extras

  • Guaranteed Vehicle Hire: Up to 28 days for plated vehicles.
  • Breakdown Cover: Home-start and Roadside assistance.
  • Protected No Claims Bonus: Choose to have protection if you have maximum No Claims Bonus.
  • Public Liability Extension: Up to £10 million cover.
  • Windscreen Cover: Add cover to all policies if not available at a small cost.
  • Excess Buyback: Pay a little extra to recover your excess
  • Gadget Insurance: In car only of covered everywhere

We are taxi insurance specialist for:

Taxi Insurance

The route to cheap taxi insurance, low cost cover from DNA insurance!

The type of taxi insurance you need will depend on the sort of vehicle you want to insure and on individual circumstance, whether you need cover for individual driver or fleet cover. DNA Insurance will help you to get not only a cheaper insurance but the best cover to suit your needs.

As a cab driver, only a taxi insurance policy can protect you properly – and for a fair price. Based on your profession, the miles you get through every day and the associated risks of your trade, ‘regular’ insurance will not do.


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All taxi insurance types covered!


Do I have to insure my taxi by law?

Yes. It is a legal requirement for all road vehicles to be insured, at all times.

The only way to keep a vehicle without insurance is to declare it off-road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) tax disc. But this means you cannot operate the vehicle on any public roads without breaking the law

How much is taxi insurance?

There is no set price.

That’s why taxi insurance exists as a separate form of cover – tailored for your needs.

You’re not an ordinary motorist. So, you need an extraordinary insurance policy.

To keep the quote down, you can build a custom taxi insurance package with DNA. Grab an initial quote online or call 0344 557 3046 to get started.

What are the different types of taxi insurance?

There are two main types of taxi insurance for you to choose from:

          • Public Hire

This means hackney drivers. If you have a licence to pick up paying passengers, without any prior booking in place, then you are classed as ‘public hire’ and qualify for this insurance type.

          • Private Hire

With this policy, you will be exclusively insured when people have pre-booked your taxi. You will not be insured to carry passengers who have not booked your cab.


What are the different levels of taxi insurance?

The levels of cover are the same as those available for your domestic vehicle:

          • Third-party

Anybody you cause damage to in your cab will be covered by your third-party policy. So, you do not have to pay any costs to them in the event of an accident (excluding the excess stated on your documents).

          • Third-party Fire & Theft

This is the same deal as above, except this policy also protects your cab, should it suffer any form of fire damage. Plus, you’ll be covered if a thief breaks into your taxi and/or steals the vehicle.

          • Comprehensive

Full protection. That’s what you’re getting with the comprehensive option. Any damages your cab sustains are covered – even if you’re at fault for them.

If you want to run through every single benefit of each option, call DNA Insurance now on 0344 557 3046.


What is public liability insurance and do I need it?

Public liability insurance protects business owners and their employees from customer lawsuits. As a taxi driver, that means your insurance shields you from passenger prosecution.

There are lots of reasons why passengers choose to take taxi drivers to court. If this happens to you, then a liability feature on your taxi insurance will cover the legal costs and any potential compensation payouts if you lose the case.

Can I insure multiple vehicles for my taxi business?

Yes. If you’re running a company, then you can get all of your vehicles and drivers covered under one single cheap taxi insurance policy by calling our specialist underwriter on 0344 557 3046 now to find out more.

How to apply for taxi insurance …

All you need to do today is make a call. Or better yet, all you have to do is submit your taxi insurance quote application online.

If you know your taxi and have all your driving details to hand, the online form will take minutes to complete.