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There are various types of van insurance – business or private van, courier van or van fleet insurance. We from DNA Insurance know that finding cheaper van insurance quote possible may be a priority for you, so we have created a quote system that could save you time and money on your van insurance.

Whether you use a van to deliver goods, transport equipment or reach different job locations, the vehicle is a key part of your business.

That’s why it’s important to protect it with the right van insurance policy – and it’s why DNA Insurance is here to help.


1What do I need to qualify for Minibus insurance?
You must be aged between 21 and 70 You must hold a Full UK Driver’s Licence You may also need to have passed the Driving Standards Agency taxi assessment. This assessment is much like the regular driving test – only it includes certain elements of operating a vehicle that are exclusive to hire and reward drivers i.e. how to safely help somebody in a wheelchair board the minibus. If you want to make sure you qualify for Minibus insurance, call 0344 557 3045
2How much is Minibus insurance?
There is no set price. That’s why minibus insurance exists as a separate form of cover that is tailored for minibus operators. The policy is tailor made for your needs. To keep the quote down, you can build a custom minibus insurance package with DNA. Grab an initial quote online or call 0344 557 3045 to get started.
3What are the different types of minibus insurance?
Private use for you and your family, when a family car is just not suitable. Business use for business or trade other than hire and reward. Also for schools, nurseries, charities, churches, clubs and organisations. Hire And Reward Public/Private Hire – pre booked or pick up paying passengers
4What are the different levels of minibus insurance?
The levels of cover are the same as those available for your domestic vehicle: Third Party Only Anybody you cause damage to in your minibus will be covered by your third-party policy. So, you do not have to pay any costs to them in the event of an accident (excluding the excess stated on your documents). Third Party Fire & Theft This is the same cover as above, except this policy also protects your minibus, should it suffer any form of fire damage, or theft. Comprehensive Comprehensive is the best cover you can get. It covers you for own damage (fault of not), theft and fire. If you want to run through every single benefit of each option, call DNA Insurance now on 0344 557 3045.
5What is public liability insurance and do I need it?
Public liability insurance protects business owners and their employees from customer lawsuits. As a minibus driver, that means your insurance shields you from passenger prosecution. There are lots of reasons why passengers choose to take mini bus drivers to court. If this happens to you, then a liability feature on your minibus insurance will cover the legal costs and any potential compensation payouts if you lose the case.
6Can I insure multiple vehicles for my minibus business?
Yes. If you’re running a minibus company, then you can get all of your vehicles and drivers covered under one single policy. Contact DNA on 0344 557 3045 now to find out more.
7How to apply for minibus insurance …
All you need to do today is make a call. Or better yet, all you have to do is submit your minibus insurance quote application online.