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At DNA we understand that everyone’s needs are different and we have gone a long way to ensure that our customers receive a FIRST CLASS service in every aspect.

As a valued customer of DNA we don’t leave anything to chance and we know the immediate aftermath of an accident can be upsetting and confusing so this is why we have devolved a full 24/7 claims service for all of our customers.

The only thing we ask if that the first call you make is to our specialist claims handlers who will deal with all aspects of your road traffic accident no matter what the circumstance. Please call on this number 0800 288 9477 or complete the form below.

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    Here are some tips to help you if you are involved in a motor accident:

    – DO make sure you stay where you are, ensuring you and any passengers are safe, and don’t drive away from the scene.
    – DON’T admit blame or liability, or offer to pay for any damage or injuries.
    – DO take the other driver’s name, address, contact telephone number, insurance details and vehicle registration number, plus the contact details of anyone else involved.
    – DO take down the contact details of any witnesses who saw the accident.
    – DO take photographs of the scene if you have a phone or camera with you.
    – DO make a sketch of the scene to show all the vehicles and people involved, including any witnesses – this will help you remember what happened and prevent things getting missed later on in the claims process

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