• Motor Trade Insurance
    We know the motor trade’s a mixed bag – and we pretty much cover it all (it’s our speciality). So if you ever have customers’ vehicles in your care, or you sell, recover or recycle cars, we...
    • Car Dealer Insurance
      If you sell vehicles, then we can find you the right policy at a good price. That’s whether you’re a large car dealer with sites all over the country or you’re an independent trade dealer wor...
      • Mechanic Insurance
        Mechanics carry out a real mix of work, from MOTs to mobile repairs.
        • Car Valeting Insurance
          Your job is to make vehicles look the best they can be. Ours is to make sure you can do that as safely as possible.
          • Tyre Fitting Insurance
            Fitting tyres has to be done fast and properly. As a fitter, you probably keep a large stock of tyres at your garage, from high-quality brands to part-worn. Whatever your stock’s like, we’ll ma...
            • Car transporter Insurance
              Moving your customers’ vehicles from one place to another is a big responsibility. Whether recovering, repossessing or delivering for a fee, you need to keep the vehicle safe. Our car transporter...
              • Body Shop & Crash Repairs Insurance
                From big bangs to little niggles (like that scrape on the bumper), body shops and crash repairers like you work hard to get a vehicle as good as new again. We keep you covered while you do it.
                • Vehicle Salvage & Breaking
                  Told you we accept any challenge. Not every insurer will cover vehicle salvage, breaking and recycling – but we’ve got the specialist network of insurers that can build you the right policy for...
                  • Other Motor trades
                    Trust us, we know motor traders come in all shapes and sizes (we’ve been finding you cover for long enough). So whatever your trade, and however you work, we can find you the right policy.
                  • Business Insurance
                    • Personal Insurance
                      There’s more to life than work so we protect what you care about at home, too. Whether it’s your prized car or your second home, we offer custom personal insurance for out-of-the-ordinary peopl...
                      • Specialist Car insurance
                        There are so many car insurers online that finding the right provider can feel like a minefield. Especially when some cars demand more than your average insurance, like classic, high performance an...
                        • Family Fleet Insurance
                          If you keep three or more vehicles at your household, insuring each one separately can be a real chore – not to mention pricey. Keeping on top of each provider, all your new renewal dates and dif...
                          • Directors Home Insurance
                            Directors work hard to maintain a certain standard of lifestyle. And when you’ve invested in your dream home, you want the peace of mind you’ve got the right level of cover. Look no further. We...
                            • Sports and celebs
                              When you’re a high-profile figure, you’ve got a lot riding on you – whether that’s keeping in shape for your sport, or maintaining your influence as a role model. You’re extraordinary, so...
                            • Risk Management
                              Insurance is all about protecting you if something goes wrong. But we can go one step further and help you prevent things going wrong in the first place. Our risk management service helps you run y...
                              • Claims
                                We understand that when it comes to insurance, you take it out but you never want to use it. So if something happens and you have to claim, you want it to be as easy as possible. With DNA, it is.
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