Car transporter insurance

Moving your customers’ vehicles from one place to another is a big responsibility. Whether recovering, repossessing or delivering for a fee, you need to keep the vehicle safe. Our car transporter insurance is specially designed to do just that.

Cover for the cars you carry

Whether you’re carrying cars on a trailer or a trade plate, we’ll get you the cover you need at a good price. If you hold vehicles at a premises for any length of time, that’s not a problem – we’ll keep them covered when left there. And we’ll take care of your recovery vehicle too, from a 3.5t recovery truck up to a 44t car transporter.

Don’t worry, we know that when a vehicle gets damaged in transit, it could cost your business money and hit your reputation. So with our vehicle transportation insurance, you can be sure that if anything does go wrong, you can claim quickly and easily to keep your customers happy.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Road risks
Public and employer’s liability
Customers vehicles
Vehicles in transit
HGV vehicles
Goods in transit
Open employee driving
Trade plates
Legal expenses

James, a right chip off the old block

Sometimes, we like to joke that our boss Danny went to the Darth Vader school of management. So is his son James a chip off the old block? Well, there’s no hint of a dark side. What he’s got is a cheeky grin, a great sense of humour and personal drive that means he’ll never let you down when you need cover. So, in that way, you can definitely tell they’re related. And that’s good news for everyone.

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