Straightforward risk management services

Insurance is all about protecting you if something goes wrong. But we can go one step further and help you prevent things going wrong in the first place.

Helping you avoid problems

Our risk management service helps you run your business as safely as possible, while also boosting your chances of getting a claim paid out if something does happen.

From the best tech to use in your vehicles, to custom audits and analysis of your business, we can guide you through the best ways to manage your risks so you’re less likely to get hit by the cost of a claim.

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Bespoke business audits and analysis

As your broker, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you keep your insurance premiums down. Through audits and analysis of your whole business, we can work with you to cut the costs of your cover through clever risk management, including:

Driver licence checking
Telematics analysis
General fleet management
Advice on dealing with poor driving behaviour
Driver training
Confirming your subcontractors have the right insurance
Rebuild valuations
Property surveys
Health and safety audits

These services can go a long way in helping you manage both the risks of your business and the price of your premium. We don’t offer them as standard, but we can tailor our services into your business agreement with us depending on your needs. Just ask us about it.

Helping out our fleet managers

If you run a fleet, then you should definitely ask about our Fleet Management Assist service. We can help give you the confidence you’ve got eyes on your vehicles and the accurate information to field possible claims at all times. We can guide you on:

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