Car valeting insurance

Your job is to make vehicles look the best they can be. Ours is to make sure you can do that as safely as possible.

Covered while you clean

We understand the challenges of valeting and detailing. You need your customers’ vehicles cleaned quickly without accident and you’re responsible for every car left on your site, so you need cover that accounts for that. We specialise in car valeting insurance that protects you while you clean each vehicle and covers you for any accidents or injuries on site too.

Give us a call and we’ll also ask you what tools you use. If you’ve invested in specialist equipment like jet washes and valeting machines, you’ll need a valet insurance policy that covers them as well. We can sort that out for you, so you can get on with your job.

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The types of cover we’ll talk you through

Road risks
Public and employer’s liability
Hand tools and diagnostics
Buildings and contents
Legal expenses
Business interruption

Kane – literally owns a monkey, doesn’t monkey around

All of us at DNA take your insurance seriously. So while we’re up for a laugh in the office, we never monkey around when it comes to getting you the best deal we can. Kane is a fine example. The only monkey business he’s interested in is looking after his pet primate (no joke, he really does own a monkey) so when you call, you can be sure you’ll get nothing but straight-talking, helpful service.

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