Other Motor Trades

Trust us, we know motor traders come in all shapes and sizes (we’ve been finding you cover for long enough). So whatever your trade, and however you work, we can find you the right policy.

Straightforward cover for all types of trade

We’re specialists in this area, so we’ve got in-depth knowledge of all types of work that fall under the motor trade umbrella. Whether you’re full-time, part-time, a professional or a hobbyist, we’ll make sure we learn everything about your business so we can get you cover that’s the right fit for your specific trade.

If you’re a trickier customer with a less than perfect past, we’ll help you too. And if you can’t see your trade on the list below, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

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Other trades we cover

Accessory fitter
Auto electrician
Breakdown recovery
Car detailing
Car jockey
Collection and delivery
Cosmetic modifications
Exhaust fitter
Hobby trader
Long stay parker
Mechanical repairs
Mobile mechanic
Part sales
Performance modifications
Remapping agent
Repossession agent
Scrap dealer
Trade plate driver
Tyre sales
Vehicle import & export
Window tinting
Windscreen fitter

Georgia’s the most on-it PA you’ll ever meet

There’s a reason we all love Georgia. She keeps us in check (even Danny) and helps our offices operate flawlessly so our people can focus on one thing only: getting your insurance sorted. She joined straight from school and she’s been with us ever since, spinning plates behind the scenes to make our lives – and yours – that little bit easier. So thanks Georgia, you’re the best.

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